Clinical Case Management

Clinical case management services are aimed at the needs of those dealing with mental health issues. These services can cover a wide range of possibilities depending on the needs of the client. It is only in recent years that this type of independent case management has really become popular but as more people discover the benefits of such a service its growth is sure to grow. There are now many different clinical case management services so it is important the exact needs before coming to any decision. As well as the client's needs it is also important to consider the services offered.

What is offered by Clinical Case Management Services?

Different clinical case management services will offer different options but many will share some core services. Here are just some of the services to expect when you choose the clinical case management option.

  • Different assessments to determine the needs of the client. The first assessment will be the initial needs assessment but after this further assessments will be required to ensure that any changes are noted and acted upon.
  • The initial needs assessment is used to develop an overall plan for the client; this may be a road map to return them to independent living if that is appropriate. This plan is very useful because it can help provide coordination for all the other professionals involved in the case. Without such a plan things can get confusing and wires can get crossed thus slowing things down are making them ineffective.
  • The case manager is able to use their assessment to choose the most appropriate resources and services for the client. If the aim is to return to independent living then it may be that quite a few resources will be needed for this to be a success. Clinical case management assessments ensure that the correct decisions are taken in this regard – this improving the chances of success and avoiding wasting money on resources that are not really required.
  • The case manager is able to provide a link to the family. This is so important because it can make a huge difference to the success of any return to independent living. A common complaint is that families are ignored and this can have bad consequences on the effectiveness of any decisions. By involving the family it greatly increases the chances that any return by the client to independent living will be a success.
  • The case manager is able to provide an important patient education function. This can help provide them with all the skills and knowledge that they are going to need back in the outside world. This educational function can also help to empower the client and really make them feel that their input in their own future is vital.
  • Clinical case management services means having access to the most highly skilled individuals who will be able to find a solution to most problems as they arise.
Clinical Case Management

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