Brain Injury Case Management

Brain injury case management can mean having to deal with some complex issues. This is why it is advisable to always choose a case management team that has experience with this type of injury. Rehabilitation from a catastrophic brain injury can take a lot of work and involve dealing with a large number of different professionals and services means that any case manager will really need to be up to speed. The good news is that utilising brain injury case management can make a huge difference by ensuring that things move faster and more effectively. More and more clients and their families are becoming convinced of the need for this type of service – chances are that if you try it you will be convinced too.

The Difference That Brain Injury Case Management Can Make

A brain injury is one of the most difficult injuries to recover from- a large number of people will never be able to fully return to how things were before their accident. For some people the brain injury might leave a lasting physical disability while for others it could mean a permanent change to their personality. Rehabilitation can make a huge difference though and this is why you want to be sure that you are getting the best possible assistance Here are just some of the ways that brain injury case management can help during the rehabilitation process.

  • Brain injury case management means that there is somebody to help coordinate the efforts of the rest of the multidisciplinary team. The case manager will have a background in dealing with this injury and their input will be valued by the other professionals involved in the case. The case manager is able to see the overall picture and will be thus able to provide helpful direction – this is something that will be welcome by the rest of the multidisciplinary team because it just makes their job so much less complicated.
  • A member of the brain injury case management team will be able to perform a needs assessment to ensure that the most appropriate resources are being utilised. This type of assessment is very important because it ensures that the client is benefiting from all those resources that could be benefiting them – it also ensures that time and money is not wasted on resources that are not really appropriate.
  • Dealing with a brain injury can be extremely stressful for the client and those they love; there will be a lot of worry and concerns. The case manager will be able to offer support and guidance and ensure that the client feels fully involved in their own care. The case manager will be able to find any information the client needs and also be able to help with any problems as they arise. The knowledge of a case manager is quite broad and when they don't know something they will know where to go to get the information. Having a case manager is like having a knowledgeable and trusted friend.
Brain Injury Case Management

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