Cerebral Palsy Case Management

Cerebral palsy case management can be a service that makes a huge difference in helping clients to reach a state of more independent living. This type of service can help those with profound disabilities receive the most appropriate care and help and also ensure that the best path is chosen for the future. Cerebral palsy case management is all about giving the client a voice and ensuring that their requirements are always the central concern in regards to any decisions pertaining to them. This type of service is becoming increasingly popular as more people discover what a difference case management can have to how things are managed.

Why You Might Want to Choose Cerebral Palsy Case Management

Cerebral Palsy case management is all about finding the best resources and ensuring that these are utilised to help to client to move in the direction of independent living or improved quality of life. The exact provisions will always depend on the requirements of the client; not two people dealing with cerebral palsy will have the exact same needs. Here are just some of the general services to be found with cerebral palsy case management.

  • The case manager will be able to perform an initial needs assessment to ensure that the client is getting the most from the available resources. There can be a lot of resources available for those dealing with cerebral palsy and the role of this assessment will be to ensure that wise decisions are made in this regard. Not all the resources will be needed but it is important that the client benefits from the ones they need. This needs assessment is an ongoing process and changes will need to be made as the client’s need change – they resources they require will likely change over time.
  • The case manager can be a great resource for choosing which equipment will be the most appropriate for the client. Most cerebral palsy case management teams will have professionals who are trained in occupational therapy and so expert at choosing this type of equipment. Getting this type of advice can make living a lot easier because the client will have the right equipment – it will also prevent wasting money.
  • The case manager is able to provide a road map that can be used by the other professionals involved in the case to ensure that everyone is moving in the same direction. This type of coordination is very welcome because it ensures that the best course of action is being taken for the client. The case manager is able to examine the full requirements of the client; this is unlike the other professionals who will be focused on their own priorities and goals.
  • The case manager is a great support for the client and their family and can help with every type of situation that arises. Cerebral palsy case management usually means having somebody on your side that real wants to advocate for the best interest of the client.
Cerebral Palsy Case Management

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