Catastrophic Injury Case Management

Catastrophic injury case management is a specialised endeavour that requires only the most skilled practitioners. Those who are involved in this type of case management will usually have a background in neurology rehabilitation or similar professionals; many will have years of experience as nurses or occupational therapists. This ensures that if you do require the assistance of catastrophic injury case management you will be getting something that is really going to bring benefit.

What Can You Expect from Catastrophic Injury Case Management

Most of us won't have any dealings with catastrophic injury case management until we or loved one requires such services. This usually means that at our first dealings with a case manager we might be a bit unsure about their actual function. Most of us have a good understanding of what physiotherapist or nurse does but the role of a case manager can seem quite mysterious. This is understandable as it is only in recent years that there has been an increased demand for case management services. Here are just some of the things you can expect when you decide to involve catastrophic injury case management in your rehabilitation-

  • The catastrophic injury case management team will perform and immediate needs assessment to determine which services and other resources you require. The purpose of this assessment is to get an overall picture of your needs so as to make sure that nothing is being missed. This type of assessment also ensures that time and money isn’t been wasted on resources and services that aren’t going to bring much benefit.
  • The case manager can use the assessments of the client to create a rehabilitation programme for the client. This can then be used as a road map for the rest of the multidisciplinary team thus avoiding confusion and cross-wires. With many professionals involved in helping a client it can mean people are pulling in different directions; the rehabilitation programme ensures that this doesn’t happen.
  • A case manager is there to offer knowledgeable advice and expert assistance. Rehabilitation from a catastrophic injury can lead to many unexpected problems arising which need to be dealt with. The catastrophic injury case management team will have enough experience to be able to provide a solution to almost any problem that arises during rehabilitation.
  • A case manager will be able to provide an expert report that can later be used in any legal proceedings related to the injury.
  • The case manager is a great source of support for the client and their family. The services offered by case manager is always client focused and this means that the client and family will always feel that their views and concerns are getting noted. Having a case manager can remove a lot of stress from the family because they know that they have a competent professional fighting their corner all the time.
  • A case manager will be able to advise on such things as the right equipment to purchase and any home modification that are going to be needed.
Catastrophic Injury Case Management

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