Peadiatric Case Management

Paediatric case management is something that might make a huge difference to the treatment of a child dealing with injury or illness. This type of service is being increasingly sought by parents as they realise what a difference it can make to how things progress. There is no requirement to have paediatric case management but the benefits of doing so make it a good choice. Despite the fact that so many families are now seeking this type of service there still seems to be a knowledge deficit as to the exact role of these professionals – it is the aim of this article to readdress this lack of information.

What Services Are Provided By Paediatric Case Management?

Paediatric case management is highly specialised. Case managers are trained to not only find the best solutions for young children but also for their family. An injured or sick child is one of the worst things that can happen to parents and paediatric case management recognises that parents will usually want to play as full a role as possible. Here are just some of the services provided by paediatric case management.

  • A paediatric case manager will be a valued member of the multidisciplinary team who will be able to provide a coordination function. Each professional involved in the care of a young child needs to focus on their own specific goals and priorities in accordance with their professions; for example, the dietician will be most concerned that the child is getting adequate nutrition. The paediatric case manager will be able to look at the big picture and provide direction; this is something that is welcome by the rest of the multidisciplinary team because it saves them time.
  • Paediatric case management involves conducting a needs assessment and this ensures that the client is getting the exact resources they need. When it comes to helping a sick or injured child there will be many possible resources to choose from. It is important that the resources chosen are the most appropriate because otherwise it would mean that time is wasted as well as money. A case manager will ensure that the client is benefiting from those resources that are going to help and not wasting time on things that will not really bring much benefit.
  • A case manager is able to give the family all the information they need and will ensure that they are fully involved in the process. This is something that is often of great concern to the family who may feel that their voice isn't been heard. Paediatric case management is client focused and this means that the family will be fully involved in the process. The case manager can help the family troubleshoot any problems as they arise and provide the information needed to make the right decisions. A case manager should also be able to advice on such things as purchasing special equipment and home modification to make life easier for their child. The case manager will also be able to listen and respond to any concerns raised by the family.
Peadiatric Case Management

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