Vocational Rehabilitation Case Management

Vocational rehabilitation case management aims to help individuals who have been injured or ill return to work in the fastest possible time. This type of service is not only sought by individuals who are injured but also by employers and other interested parties. Vocational rehabilitation case management is not about getting people back to work before they are ready and rehabilitation best practice guidelines are always followed strictly. At the end of the day the priority for this type of case management is the welfare of the injured party.

Why You Might Choose Vocational Rehabilitation Case Management

We live in tough economic times and this means that too much time off work can be bad for the individual as well as the employer. A long time off work might have consequences for future career advancement and employers may struggle to stay afloat if much needed employees are on long-term sick leave. It is in the interest of many people that rehabilitation following an injury or illness happens as quickly as possible. This is why there is a growing interest in vocational rehabilitation case management; it ensures that employees are able to get back to effectiveness as soon as possible.

Vocational rehabilitation case management is not about getting people in work if they are not ready for this step. A return to work that occurs too early can be very counterproductive because it could mean that the individual needs to take even longer sick leave. This type of outcome will not benefit anyone. In many instances the client may have to be reintroduced back to work in steps and vocational rehabilitation case management ensures that this happens effectively.

These days many companies suffer because of their failure to retain valuable staff members. If an employee is injured or becomes ill due to work then this could mean that they will leave the company altogether. This is a real shame and is probably avoidable. Vocational rehabilitation case management will help these people return to their present employment in such a way that it is safe for them to do so.

Do You Really Need Vocational Rehabilitation Case Management?

As we have already discussed above there are some great reasons why you might want to choose vocational rehabilitation case management. If you are an injured individual then it can help get you back to work faster and more safely; if you are an employer it can reduce the time that your employee needs to be absent. Here are just some of the other ways that you will benefit from vocational rehabilitation case management-

  • It can ensure that all those professionals involved in the rehabilitation have a case manager to provide coordination.
  • It will involve a needs assessment to ensure that the best possible resources and services are used to ensure that the rehabilitation progresses as fast as possible. This also ensures that no money is wasted on resources that are not needed.
  • It will be a great resource for information and advice on all aspects of rehabilitation and a return to work.
Vocational Rehabilitation Case Management

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