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AIG Medical & Rehabilitation prides itself on working with individuals and businesses to help people return to the workforce promptly after an illness or injury. Rehabilitation can take time but AIG Medical & Rehabilitation ensures that it doesn't take any longer than really is necessary. They are able to do this by providing rehab services and case management. With this type of support it is almost certain that rehabilitation will progress much smoother than it would otherwise.

What Can AIG Medical & Rehabilitation Provide?

AIG Medical & Rehabilitation offers a number of different services including;

  • Case management
  • Rehabilitation assessment
  • Health promotion
  • Occupational health services
  • Health screening
  • Health surveillance
  • Ergonomic assessment

This means that AIG Medical & Rehabilitation can not only help staff get back into work but they are also able to reduce the chances of work-related injuries occurring – as well as monitoring the general health of employees. The services offered are very comprehensive and this is why AIG Medical & Rehabilitation is a popular choice for businesses.

AIG Medical & Rehabilitation and Case Management

One of the most helpful services offered by AIG Medical & Rehabilitation is case management. This is something that can ensure that an injured individual is returned to a full life as quickly as possible. When somebody has an injury it will normally require a few individuals to get them back on their feet; for example they might physiotherapists, doctors, nurses, dieticians, and occupational health. Each of the different professions will have their own narrow focus of interest and this can sometimes lead to confusion and mixed messages. When case management is used the client has a case manager who ensures that everything runs smoothly and that the multidisciplinary team work together effectively to produce the best results.

A case manager does a lot more than just liaise though. They are an advocate for the client and will fully understand their needs and wishes. They are able to do this because they will make a full assessment at the first meeting and then keep updating this assessment as time goes on. Other health care professionals will only have a partial understanding of the client's needs but the case manager will be able to see the full picture – this not only ensures that everything runs smoothly but it also means that if changes are required they will occur quickly.

Is AIG Medical & Rehabilitation the Best Choice?

There are a number of different options when it comes to this type of operation but the nice thing about AIG Medical & Rehabilitation is that they offer such a wide selection of services. They have also managed to build a good reputation for providing case management and helping businesses stay on top of their occupational health requirements. Of course you will want to check out your other options first of all, but this could be a good fit for those needing rehab and business that need help keeping their employees in good shape.

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