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If you are eager to get back to work after an injury then you may benefit from the services of Proclaim Care Ltd. This company not only provides full case management service but can also assist with other functions in regards to rehabilitation from illness. Rehabilitation from an injury can take a lot of time but Proclaim Care Ltd ensures that things happen in the most appropriate way that ensures their clients are back to normal living as soon as possible. Although this company is based in Hamilton they have case managers throughout the UK.

What Can Proclaim Care Ltd Do for You?

Proclaim Care Ltd case management services can make a huge difference to your ability to recover from an injury fast. When it comes to rehabilitation there are many services and resources to choose from; the trick is being able to match the right resources to the client. When this is done correctly it not only ensures that things go more smoothly but it also means that the rehabilitation will be far more cost effective. A case manager from Proclaim Care Ltd is ideally suited for assessing which resources will work best for each of their clients. All the case managers are highly trained and come from a medical background.

When the case manager first becomes involved with a client there will need to be a full initial needs assessment. This comprehensive assessment will be the basis by which the case manager will be able to create the most appropriate rehabilitation package. A lot of thought and expertise goes into developing these rehabilitation packages and the client is fully involved in the process. This means that when it is complete it will be ideally suited to the client's needs and thus make the best possible use of the available resources. This initial needs assessment won't be the end of things though because as the client's needs change so will the rehabilitation package be adapted to reflect this.

As well as the full case management services by Proclaim Care Ltd there are also other options as well. Telephone case management is a good choice if you just want to ensure that the best possible rehabilitation package is being implemented. The most simple service offered by Proclaim Care Ltd is treatment only and involves them following along with an already established rehabilitation package.

The Added Benefits of Case Management from Proclaim Care Ltd

As well as being able to conduct a needs assessment and then implementing it the case manager also provides other important functions. This is because the knowledge gained from the needs assessment puts them in a position of being able to provide direction for the multidisciplinary team. Without any direction the multidisciplinary team will tend to all pull in their own direction – based on the dictates of their profession. The case manager is a respected member of the team because of their expert background and the fact that they can save the other professionals a lot of time by generally making the job easier.

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