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Resolve Counselling & Organisational Health is a relatively new service but it is already gaining respect in the rehabilitation field. As well as offering case management like services the main thrust of Resolve Counselling & Organisational Health is providing wise advice and counsel to their clients. They are able to share their knowledge with anyone who needs it and this means that they are not only sought by those recovering from illness or injury but also businesses, lawyers, and insurers. If you need any type of rehabilitation advice then this might be a good source to turn to.

How Resolve Counselling & Organisational Health Might be Able to Help You

The services offered by Resolve Counselling & Organisational Health are very adaptable and much will be decided by the exact needs of the client. Here are just some of the ways that this company may be able to benefit you.

  • The company can offer general counselling services that cover almost any requirement. The most common counselling services needed include; bereavement, stress management, vocational, adjustment to injury or illness, relationship counselling, and dealing with mental illness like depression and anxiety. Those providing this type of counselling are highly trained and will be able to use their skills to help the client reach resolutions.
  • Resolve Counselling & Organisational Health can provide vocational assessments that might be sought by employers, insurers, or lawyers as well as the client. These assessments can be of the aptitude variety band thus by useful for deciding career options. These assessments are very complete and well respected as effective tools that produce reliable results. Those giving these assessments have been fully trained in how to conduct them.
  • Another important service is initial needs assessment that can be used as the basis for case management. This assessment differs for the assessments made by other health and social care professionals because it is much broader in scope. The information from this initial needs assessment can be used to design the best possible rehabilitation package for anyone who is recovering from any type of injury or illness. There are many resources available in rehabilitation and a needs assessment assures that only those resources that are going to be effective will be chosen – thus saving money and ensuring effectiveness.
  • Resolve Counselling & Organisational Health is able to provide a consultancy service to employers. This will give these organisations they knowledge they need to more effectively manage the personal needs of their company in regards to health and safety. With the help of Resolve Counselling & Organisational Health business should be able to reduce sick leave time and improve retention of staff members.
  • Another service that the company is very proud of is its coaching services. These can be used to help people improve their communication skills and work more effectively in the work place. This type of coaching can make a huge difference to an individual's ability to successfully manage their own career and take it in a direction they desire.
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