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PEMA Case Management is the brain child of Anthony V. Shakeshaft. This RGN has been involved with case management for only a few years but worked as a nurse for two decades. He is able to bring his experience to help anyone who is in need of case management or other services connected to rehabilitation. PEMA Case Management has experience with dealing with all type of head injuries and orthopaedic problems. If you want to ensure that you are getting the best possible input during your rehabilitation then you might want to choose this company.

The Service Provided by PEMA Case Management

Although PEMA Case Management is primarily concerned with case management it is also able to provide other services such as; return to work assessments and solutions, assistance with legal cases, independent needs assessment, and absence management. The company advocates a client-focused approach and so are very versatile in adapting their service to meet the situation.

The main service offered by PEMA Case Management is of course case management. This is something that is becoming increasingly in demand as it is becoming evident how much of a difference having such a service can make to a client's rehabilitation. When you have case management it can ensure that you not only get the most effective and efficient rehabilitation package but also that it is the most cost-effectives as well.

What is Case Management?

Although case management is becoming increasingly popular it is still not so well known among the general public. It will probably be a while yet before it becomes as recognised as nursing or physiotherapy but it is an important aspect of the multidisciplinary team. In fact having a case manager on your side can dramatically alter your experience of rehabilitation.

One of the main benefits of a case manager from a company like PEMA Case Management is that this person can coordinate the rest of the multidisciplinary team. Without this coordination things can be a big muddled and ineffective as each profession pulls in their own direction. The case manager is able to see the full picture and so can assist their fellow professionals to all move in the same direction. This type of guidance is welcome by the other professionals as it saves them time and just makes their job easier. It is not the physiotherapist's or nurses' job to understand every aspect of the client's live but somebody needs to have this in mind.

Another great benefit of case management from a service like PEMA Case Management is that it can be a great support for the client and their family. It will ensure that their voices are always heard and heeded. The case management service is fully client-focused and this can be very motivating for the client – often speeding things along as the client becomes more involved in their own care. The case manager is also a great resource for any unexpected problems that might arise – if they don't have the answer they will know somebody who does.

PEMA Case Management

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