Rehabilitation & Training Consultants Ltd

Rehabilitation & Training Consultants Ltd is a reputable case management service that also offers additional assistance and services in regards to rehabilitation. This company is based in Winslow but deals with clients from all over the UK. Rehabilitation & Training Consultant Ltd could have a solution for you that ensure that your recovery from injury is moving in the right direction.

What You Can Expect from Rehabilitation & Training Consultants Ltd

Rehabilitation & Training Consultants Ltd offers a variety of services that are specific to the needs of the client. Not two cases are the same so this company is mindful to always offer a unique service specific to the client's needs. Although many of the services of Rehabilitation & Training Consultants Ltd can be considered part of case management there are also other services that can be very useful to clients. Here are just some of the possibilities –

  • Equipment needs assessments and recommendations. Rehabilitation & Training Consultants Ltd employs some of the best occupational therapists as part of their team and these people are able to offer advice on what equipment is best suited for the client. Using this equipment can help the client return to independent living more quickly so expert advice is always going to be useful.
  • Ergonomic assessments for the work place. This is an important service for businesses that could measurably reduce the amount of time employees need to take off from work due to injury. Many offices have conditions that are not ergonomic and this leads to back injuries which can mean a lot of time off work. An ergonomic assessment can save a business a lot of money and is recommended.
  • Rehabilitation & Training Consultants Ltd also offers a ‘back to work assessment and schedule’. This is another popular service for businesses because it can ensure that an injured employee is returned to work not only rapidly but more importantly safely. It is now benefit to employers if the returning employee has to go back on sick leave because they just weren’t ready for a return.
  • Another popular service offered by Rehabilitation & Training Consultants Ltd is vocational rehabilitation which can increase job retention for a business. A lot of companies lose valuable member of staff because of injury but vocational rehabilitation can prevent this from occurring.
  • The case management services offered by Rehabilitation & Training Consultants Ltd are in high demand because they have been shown to drastically reduce the amount of time needed for rehabilitation – they can also make the process more cost effective. This is achieved because the case manager is able to use an initial needs assessment to develop the best possible rehabilitation program. There is a lot of possible resources available rehabilitation but this needs assessment will ensure that only the most useful are used. The case manager is also able to coordinate the multidisciplinary team to ensure that everything is occurring in the best possible way to ensure a rapid and successful rehabilitation.

Case Management:

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