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If you are looking for rehabilitation assistance following a brain or spinal injury then you may want to look into the services offered by Rehab Without Walls. This company mostly focuses on providing case management services but they can also perform other functions such as Neuropsychology and Assessments of Capacity. If you are currently worried about the progress of your rehabilitation or the rehabilitation of a loved one then Rehab Without Walls might be a good choice. Although the company is based in England it is able to offer its services throughout the UK.

The Services Offered by Rehab Without Walls

Most of the services offered by Rehab Without Walls falls under the category of case management. Here are just some of the ways that these services might help those who are recovering from a catastrophic injury to the brain or spine.

  • The case manager is there to ensure that everything that is meant to happen does happen. There can be a lot of services and professionals involved when there has been a catastrophic injury to the brain or spine and this means that things can get a bit confusing – things might get missed. The case manager is there to ensure that the patient is always getting the best possible care.
  • A case manager from Rehab Without Walls will conduct an initial needs assessment when they first meet the client and this provides a comprehensive overview of their exact needs. There are many possible resources available to people in rehabilitation but it is important to choose the ones that are going to be the most appropriate. The initial needs assessment ensures that the client is getting the resources they need and not wasting time on resources that are not going to bring any benefit. This is also important for reducing overall costs of rehabilitation.
  • The case manager from Rehab Without Walls is a highly trained professional with a lot of experience working within the multidisciplinary team. This means that they will be ideally placed and respected enough to be able to coordinate the efforts of the team; thus ensuring that everyone is following the rehabilitation package plan. Without such direction there is a risk that rehabilitation will get bogged down as each member of the team pulls in a different direction. The coordination efforts of a case manager can make a huge difference to the team.
  • A case manager from Rehab Without Walls will be able to offer support the client and their family. This is an important role because things can become very stressful. The case manager will not only be able to provide expert advice and supply information but they can also act as an advocate for the client and their loved ones. This type of support can take a huge weight off the shoulders of those involved.
  • Rehab Without Walls is able to provide expert rehabilitation or other related reports as they are needed.

So there you have just some of the possible services available from Rehab Without Walls; these really could make a difference to your recovery.

Rehab Without Walls

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