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Harrison Associates is a company made up of dedicated occupation therapists who aim to offer their expertise privately to anyone needing such services. They offer a wide range of services including; case management, needs assessments, injury reports, rehabilitation coordination, back-to-work programmes, work place assessments, and ergonomic assessments. Harrison Associates are also able to provide expert reports that can be used in legal proceedings. All the staff at this company are highly trained and have continuously updated training to ensure that their knowledge is current.

Harrison Associates and Case Management

One of the most useful services provided by Harrison Associates is case management and rehabilitation coordination – both of these services are closely related. Rehabilitation can be a complex process that requires the input of many different individuals in order for it to progress effectively. All the professionals involved in the rehabilitation multidisciplinary team are highly trained but they will also all have their own agenda and priorities. This can sometimes lead to a situation of confusion where people seem to be pulling in different directions. This can slow down the rehabilitation process and put the client in a position where they feel a bit powerless. The role of the case manager is to coordinate all the different activities as well as provide and advocacy role for the client thus putting the power back in the client's hands.

The case manager is able to build a very good understanding of the client's needs and wants. The case manager builds a strong client-focused relationship that begins with a complete assessment of all the different aspects of the client's life. This assessment is unlike the other assessments made by other professionals because it is much broader in scope and provide the case manager with a much fuller picture. Once the assessment is made the case manager can then sit down with the client to devise a rehabilitation package that is going to be the most effective. This is not a once-off process that will be complete after the first interview; needs change and the case manager will be constantly updating their assessment to reflect changes on the ground.

One of the other great advantages of a Harrison Associates case manager is that they are able to act as an advocate for the client and their family. As we mentioned above the client can feel fairly powerless during the rehabilitation process; almost like they are at the mercy of the system. The case manager is able to keep the client and family informed and ensure that the client's interests are always been put forward. The case manager is also able to act as a general trouble shooter to fix any problems as they arise.

Should You Choose Harrison Associates Case Management Services?

Harrison Associates might be a good choice if you are currently looking for case management services. They can also help businesses who wish to reduce the amount of sick leave caused by work related problems. This company has access to a pool of experts who will be able to help in many situations.

Harrison Associates

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