Corpore is a company devoted to helping people return to work after an injury or illness; they also offer a number of other services focused on helping employers keep their employees injury free. This is one of the largest rehabilitation and injury management services to be found in the UK. The services of Corpore can make a huge difference to the employee's ability to return to work quickly and the employer's ability to manage hours lost to long term illness. Corpore is a much respected service and certainly one to consider if you are trying to recuperate from an injury or are worried about the sickness levels of your employees.

What services does Corpore Offer?

Corpore offers a number of services aimed at both the individual and businesses. Here are just some of the most sought after services that this company has to offer;

  • Case management/injury management is an important service that ensures that the best steps are being taking to get the client back on their feet. Injury management is about finding the most appropriate care and ensuring that this is the path that is followed by the different health and social care professionals involved. Case management can make a huge difference to the speed and success of any rehabilitation and is often recommended.
  • Health Management Services can also be provided by Corpore. These include health screenings and teaching stress reduction and safe ergonomics. This can also include such things as manual handling training or other training that can make the workplace safer and thus less hazardous for the workforce – thus reducing the need for absences.
  • Corpore Risk Management Services can investigate a business location to see if there is anything in the environment that could be likely to cause problems for employees by causing injury or illness.
  • Corpore Absence Management Services aims to deal with an injury at the earliest stage so as to prevent the need for long term sickness leave.

Are the Corpore Services going to be Appropriate for Your Needs?

These days there is a lot of productivity lost because members of staff are off sick though work related or other injuries. In this current fierce economic climate this loss of productivity can really harm a business and all that can be done should be done to avoid it. Using something like Corpore could make a huge difference because it not only ensures that injured employees are back on their feet quickly but it also helps them avoid getting injured in the first place. This is a service that will quickly pay for itself in saved man hours and this is why it is now an important part of a lot of businesses.

There are a number of different companies offering similar services as Corpore, but this is probably the most successful at it. It has built a good reputation based on offering services that their clients are pleased with. It does make sense to have a few options before making a choice but Corpore probably does belong on your shortlist.


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