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Independent Living Solutions Ltd is a much respected case management and occupational therapy service that not only provide services in the UK but also internationally as well. This company has developed and enviable reputation and is certainly one worth considering for your case management or occupational therapy needs. Independent Living Solutions Ltd can provide a service for people of any age; including young children. The fully trained staff of this company will be able to assist in the creation of the most appropriate rehabilitation or 'return to independent living' programme. Of course there are other options when it comes to this type of service, but ILS is probably one of the best.

What Independent Living Solutions Ltd Can Offer You?

As well as the case management role this company is also able to offer a number of other services including;

  • Lifestyle planning and training
  • Function assessments
  • Advice about housing
  • Services for children
  • Assessment of equipment
  • Return to work training

For a lot of clients though the most sought after service will be case management; this type of assistance is becoming increasing popular as people realise what a difference it can make to rehabilitation.

What is Independent Living Solutions Ltd Case Management Services Able to Provide?

Independent Living Solutions Ltd is able to provide assistance to clients in a number of different ways. It is able to work with the client and the multidisciplinary team to ensure that the most effective rehabilitation package is being followed. The case manager is also able to assist the client to get back to work and help them develop new skills. Most of all case management ensures that the client and their family have a voice and that this voice is taken into full consideration in regards to care.

The case management services offered by Independent Living Solutions Ltd are specifically designed to meet the needs of the client. Each individual is unique and this needs to be reflected in any rehabilitation package – there is no one size fits all solution. The fact that so many professionals are involved in the care of an injury with an injury or special needs means that the uniqueness of the individual can be lost. Each professional will only have a limited amount of time with the client and will have their own priorities and goals; these might not always reflect the goals of the client. The case manager is more concerned with the overall picture and the wishes of the client; this means that they are in a much better position to direct care.

There is no requirement to have case management involved with rehabilitation or a return to independent living. Using a service such as Independent Living Solutions Ltd can make a difference though and for this reason it is something to at least consider. In order to get the best possible results you need the best people on your team – a case manager is certainly going to be a useful addition.

Independent Living Solutions Ltd

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