An interesting service being offered by UNUM is case management. This service can be of great advantage to those who are recovering from any type of injury or illness that has interrupted their ability to lead a normal life. Case management is ideal for providing assistance during the rehabilitation process; this assistance can make a huge difference to the way things progress during this time. If you want to return to independent living quickly after an injury then you may just want to try UNUM case management services.

Do You Really Need UNUM Case Management Services?

For a lot of people the role of a case manager might appear somewhat mysterious; they may wonder if such a service is really necessary. After all, plenty of people go through rehabilitation without such assistance – maybe it is surplus to requirements. The reality is that while something like UNUM case management is in no way mandatory it can make a huge difference to the speed and effectiveness of recovery. If you are keen to get back to normal living as soon as possible then this type of service will be welcome. Case management is also becoming popular with employers who are keen to get their workers back as quickly as possible.

If you have never previously needed a case management service you might be a bit confused as to how it can benefit. Here are just some of the advantages that come with having a case manager like the one provided by UNUM.

  • A case manager is there to coordinate the rest of the professionals involved in the rehabilitation of an injured client. If there has been a traumatic injury it could mean that there is a need for many different services and professionals in the case. It can all get a bit muddled as each professional tries to follow their own goals and priorities. The case manager can provide a valuable function because they direct care in the best possible and efficient direction. Without this type of assistance it can mean that rehabilitation takes longer and is not so effective.
  • When you avail of a service like the one provided by UNUM it means that you get an ‘initial needs assessment’ to decide which resources you require. This is very important because otherwise inappropriate resources might be invested in your case; thus slowing the process down and wasting money. When you have a case manager in your team you can be sure that you will be getting the best possible rehabilitation package at a cost-effective price.
  • The case manager can provide assistance with choosing any equipment that might be need during rehabilitation or beyond. There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the right equipment but the case manager will be able to provide an expert opinion.
  • The case manager is usually a great support for the client and their family; they can also take over many of the responsibilities that would otherwise prove very stressful for everyone involved.

Case Management:

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